Find My Family


Find My Family

Find My Family is a common term used by private investigators when we are looking for lost family members such as birth parents, misplaced siblings, half-brother and half-sisters, ex-flames and anyone else that you have lost contact with from the past.

With 20 years of experience, Lipstick Investigations specialises in all things relationships – including locating missing family or friends. Locating a long lost family is actually a very satisfying part of the private investigations industry compared to many of the other types of assignments we find ourselves doing. Reuniting family is a highly rewarding exercise and we love to help.

Most private investigations involving locating family members are carried out in the office via online searches – this keeps the cost down. Of course, there are investigation cases which require field calls, surveillance, and other out-of-office scenarios which can take the cost a bit higher, but nothing is done without informing the client of progress and expected charges.

Recently we have had success in locating adult siblings that were not even known of about a year ago; numerous birth parents – both mothers and fathers; children that were given up for adoption; natural mothers who made the difficult decision to give up their child; and even located the father of children after one-off physical relationships.

You may have tried to ‘find my family’ yourself and come up with a dead-end. Investigators have many more resources than just the internet, Facebook and White Pages so if you have exhausted all avenues in search of missing family then please contact us for a free appraisal of your situation. After we receive some basic details from you relating to the amount and type of information our Managing Director, David, will be able to assess the detail and then advise the direction of the investigation and an idea of charges. He will be able to give you a true and honest assessment of the situation and then you can think about your next step. You might find that the cost of a ‘find my family’ is not as high as you think!

Of course aside from find my family investigations Lipstick Investigations also does other investigations relating to relationships including family law investigations, infidelity investigations and online dating relationship investigations.

If you would like to make an inquiry just got to our Contacts Page and fill out the form, call us direct on 1300LIPSTICK, or email David directly at He will only be too happy to answer your questions relating to ‘find my family’.

  • Louise Foster
    Posted at 07:03h, 30 March Reply

    My name is Louise I’m interested in finding the whereabouts of my birth mother.
    I`d be interested in finding out what the likely hood considering the time element involved would be in trying.
    The adoption occurred in Brisbane, 1964.
    I’m interested in finding this person but I`m also interested to know if she’s passed away.
    Anyway I`d be interested in finding out a little more information.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Sheila Tolentino
    Posted at 02:42h, 30 August Reply

    Hi there,
    I am wanting to help my half sister find her biological father. He does not reside in Australia but instead is a French national. We have some limited information as our mothers memory fades of him. I understand the process may be harder but we are interested in the pricing and how the process would work looking for someone abroad.
    Thank you kindly 🙂

    • lipstickinvestigation
      Posted at 09:39h, 30 August Reply

      Hi Sheila,

      As you have indicated, the biological father is not likely to be in Australia. Fortunately though you do know what country to search in. Australian private investigators just don’t have the database resources to have every country in the world online with information, so we have to utilise the services of a local investigation agency France. And because of that it is difficult to provide pricing. Previously when we have had an assignment in France the cost came in at more than double our Australian rate, but this is largely due to the exchange rate. The cost can also depend on the amount, and quality, of information you can provide us in the first place.

      At this time we can only give you an approximate cost to launch an investigation in France but it is an indication as a guideline based on our previous dealings with private investigators in that country. If you budgeted A$1000 to get it started, and then A$1000 upon success, that should be in the ballpark. I’d put a little more aside just in case!!! Of course, we will need to see what you detail you have to get started before we can confirm.

      If this is something you’d like to move forward with then just email us directly at and we can get things going for you.

      The Lipstick Team

  • Stacey Turner
    Posted at 11:21h, 03 September Reply

    Good Morning, looking for my Husband’s Biological Father. We have very limited information and of course his Biological Father has no idea he has a child. The information that we have is very sketchy. We believe that he was originally from the NSW region, travelling through and or past the Hotel Jennings back in the December 1975? Could you please email me a rough costing of what it would cost to start this process, our children are really keen on at least knowing if there Grandfather is still alive.

    • lipstickinvestigation
      Posted at 12:28h, 03 September Reply

      Hi Stacey,

      The key to getting a start on locating a biological father is the name. Can assume you have a full name? Or at least a first name and last name? Assuming you do then the next point is how common a name is it? If you give me the name William Jones we are zero chance, because I will have so many on our databases that we won’t know which one is which. If he was a traveller then we won’t have a base to search for him back in history. So with a private investigation like this we really need to see the detail you have available before we can take it on.

      We will email this response to you directly.

      Lipstick Investigations

  • Margaret Cove
    Posted at 14:31h, 16 October Reply

    Hi David
    I am wanting to find my biological mother, I was adopted in 66, I have Her full name only.
    I was wondering also how much information you are able to give me legally if She is found?
    ie:- Address, Phone number etc?

    • lipstickinvestigation
      Posted at 15:16h, 16 October Reply

      Hi Margaret,

      We can normally find a biological parent with limited information but we don’t get everyone. It will depend on a number of factors with the main ones being the commonness of the name, and if she has been married in the last 50 plus years, so therefore under a different name than you will be providing. Unfortunately, private investigators do not get special access to the Office of Births Deaths and Marriages so it’s not as simple as applying for a marriage certificate to ascertain a new name. There are plenty of things that we can do though, and we normally locate the biological parent. you may also be able to apply for additional information from the government adoptions department in your state but please send me what you’ve got in the first instance.

      So the next step is to actually send me the information you have on hand and let me assess it closer for the potential problems I have mentioned, then we can talk further about the direction of investigation and possible cost. Email me directly to and we can talk further about the options.


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