Surveillance and the Private Investigator

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Surveillance and the Private Investigator

Undetected surveillance is an art professed by private investigators and law enforcement groups throughout Australia. Surveillance is a commonly used tool by Private Investigators across Sydney, NSW, Brisbane, Gold Coast and QLD which has many forms to facilitate an ongoing investigation. It can be a very effective tool for a private investigator and their clients if done after proper training and hands-on experience in the field. All of Lipstick Investigations staff are fully licensed after completing government nominated training standards equal to or greater than Certificate III in Investigative Services under the Australian National Training Authority framework.

First of all, the meaning of surveillance should be understood. It can be defined as close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion. There are numerous reasons why private investigators do surveillance in an investigation, but the most important reason is to learn how, who, where and when a subject will act – and to catch them during that act for evidentiary purposes. This is especially important when trying to gain proof of affairs or infidelity within relationships.

The investigator needs to plan on the way observations will be conducted. Whether it would be conducted on foot, by car, using static surveillance cameras or by just following the suspect using a combination of methods. Also the feasibility of surveillance in traffic, at home, at the office or even out in the Australian countryside should be considered. All these and many more factors must be determined before surveillance can even be initiated. The private investigators would normally already have the target identified with information supplied by their client. They only need to decide on the starting location of the target, and where he or she needs to be observed. Another very important factor when it comes to surveillance is the timing of the observations. Mostly the private investigators are left with no option about the timing as they have to act as per the routine of the suspect.

There are many private investigators providing excellent surveillance services, but of course, some are better than others. Lipstick Investigations with offices in Sydney and on the Gold Coast in south-eastern Queensland is one of the most reputed private detective firms in Australia. Licensed since 1998, Lipstick Investigations performs surveillance using the most advanced and sophisticated equipment, such as surveillance vehicles, digital/video cameras, and sophisticated communications equipment. The licensed operatives have an assortment of vehicles fit for every situation. Lipstick Investigations has a very high public profile including regular appearances on television, radio and print media. For more information visit us at

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  • Find My Family - Lipstick Investigations
    Posted at 17:03h, 21 May Reply

    […] – this keeps the cost down. Of course there are investigation cases which require field calls, surveillance, and other out-of-office scenarios which can take the cost a bit higher, but nothing is done […]

  • Su Kelly
    Posted at 22:49h, 06 October Reply

    Hi my “boyfriend” of five years still shares house with “estranged” wife. I’m trying to get on with my Life but he is narcissistic and I need concrete confirmation. He’s back on the coast Monday next week , for. a week, just need confirmation he is sleeping with wife and other pub girls. Two days And evening. He’s in Terranora.

    • lipstickinvestigation
      Posted at 15:40h, 07 October Reply

      Hi Su,

      This sort of investigations is solved by carrying out surveillance. Surveillance is just charged by the hour and it is up to you to give us an idea of the hours and days that you want us on the job. The cost is based on an hourly rate of $125 and a 4 hour minimum ($500) applies each time we leave the office. Our hourly rate may be a little higher than most companies but our hourly rate INCLUDES EVERYTHING such as GST, mileage, travel time to and from the job, video, report and regular field updates if required – so it is just a flat hourly rate with no hidden extras at the end.

      To get started we need to know the schedule of hours you want to book, and some identifying points of the subject such as photo or description, car details and an address to start from. The rest is up to us. Payment is required in advance so if you book 4 hours we need $500, 10 hours is $1250 and 40 hours is $5000. We can accept credit card or can supply our bank account details for you to make an EFT or cash deposit at a nearby branch.

      One thing you should be aware of is that we are unlikely to be able to ascertain the actual sleeping arrangements within a private house. There is no way of knowing he is literally in the same bed as his estranged wife. We do our utmost to get results for our clients but trespassing is not something we are prepared to do . If you have any further questions or would like to organise a surveillance period please just get back to us by email at at any time.

      The Lipstick Team

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