Find My Family

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Find My Family is a common term used by private investigators when we are looking for lost family members such as birth parents, misplaced siblings, half-brother and half-sisters, ex-flames and anyone else that you have lost contact with from the past. With 20 years of experience Lipstick Investigations specialises in all things relationships – including […]

Do you Think you have been Scammed on a Dating Site?

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Do you think you are being scammed on a dating site? These issues have always been around since the beginning of the internet, but we have noticed recently that they are becoming more prevalent. Scammers have learnt that there can be big money in preying on lonely people, and hacking away at their vulnerabilities. As […]

Selecting a Private Investigator for Surveillance

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Regardless of where you are, the investigator you hire can have lasting effects on your particular case. Choosing the wrong private investigator for video surveillance based on the price alone may expose you to scrutiny by your partner, your business associate or legal representative, targeting the competence of the hired investigators. To avoid these pitfalls […]

Investigators and Privacy in Australia

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Private investigators and privacy in Australia – some facts ……. Private investigators perform a whole range of assignments on behalf of their clients and, as with any other citizen in Australia, must do so within the boundaries of the law. The assignments range from investigating insurance fraud and tracing debtors, to finding missing relatives and […]

Investigator Rates

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Investigator rates vary as much as the assignments we take on. Most are charged by the hour, with the hourly rate changing by the expertise required. Some assignments though are charged for the actual search, or inquiry …… in the paragraphs below we attempt to give you an idea of how charges can work. Australian […]

Female Investigators

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Female investigators are our specialty. Well over half of our field agents are women, and the main reason women make great private eyes is that the subject of an investigation is much less likely to be suspicious of a female – it is as simple as that. We have female investigators aged from 23 right […]

Lipstick Investigations and The Kyle & Jackie O Show

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Lipstick Investigations have been chosen to work with the Kyle & Jackie O Show on Sydney’s KiisFM.  You are probably already aware that Kyle and Jackie have been at the top of the Sydney radio ratings heap for a decade and have one of the largest breakfast audiences on Australian radio. As one of the […]

Missing Persons

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Private Investigators and missing persons go hand in hand together. Yes, Lipstick Investigations is Australia’s foremost relationships investigation firm, but we also carry out other forms of investigation such as background checks, business based inquiries, and missing persons. Missing persons can be explained in three main groups: Misplaced Persons Misplaced persons aren’t really missing, just […]

Phone forensics

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Phone forensics. Have you lost valuable info from a mobile telephone or tablet? Smartphones and tablets are incredible pieces of technology. They can do so much nowadays – I can even run the entire private investigation business from my extremely convenient smartphone. Phone calls, text messages, emails, photographs, chat sessions, Facebook, Twitter – all these […]

How much does a Private Investigator Cost?

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How much does a private investigator cost? Well, that is an excellent question. Private investigation in Australia is a fairly small industry sector, although it is still a competitive one. There are a number of small operators giving the impression that they are larger than they actually are, and a few unscrupulous operators as well. […]

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