Catfishing – Help Me Find Out if I’m Being ‘Catfished’?


Catfishing – Help Me Find Out if I’m Being ‘Catfished’?

If you’re up with modern-day terms, then you’ll understand what Catfishing means in that it’s when someone you meet online uses fake images, profiles and avatars. They’re basically pretending to be someone they’re not and looking to lure unsuspecting people into relationships they wouldn’t otherwise get into. The term was coined by the victim of catfishing himself, and then went on to make a long-running television series on cable tv called Catfish. The good news is that a private investigator  can help you if you suspect you have become a victim of catfishing .

Typically, there are hints that catfishing is going on which are obvious when you know what they are. So,  when these signs lead you to become suspicious about someone you’re starting to have feelings for online, a private detective agency  can help reveal the real truth about who you’re speaking to. Let’s now take a look at a few of the signs that can help you avoid falling victim to this kind of scam.


Spotting Those Catfishing Telltale Signs

After the initial stage of meeting someone online, at some point they should be ok with hooking up with you over FaceTime or Skype – unless they’re super-shy of course. A good private investigation company  will tell you that if the person you’re speaking to continually avoids showing their face – shyness or no shyness – it’s a real warning signal.

The same alarm bells should be ringing if the person you’re speaking to always seems to have a reason why you can’t meet up. If they want to be with you as much as they say they do online, there’s no reason why they should be so hesitant about getting together. In this situation, you need to know if things are legitimate to make sure you don’t get hurt or get taken for a ride.


Catfishing – A Private Investigator  Will Have a Keen Eye

Leading someone on romantically online is one thing, but those looking to scam you out of your money are something else entirely. These types of people – essentially con artists – do this kind of thing for a living, so they can be extremely skilled at creating a false persona. They might be doing the same thing to multiple people, so there’s no shame if it happens to you – you should just be happy that you eventually came to realise that it was all a facade.

A good private detective agency  will have the skills required to uncover the facts. Usually, a simple background check will reveal everything about the person – or show up nothing, meaning that the persona isn’t a real one. So, if you’re still full of suspicion and you can’t find anything on your own, seeking professional assistance can help clear things up for you.


Think You Might Be Being Catfished?

No one wants to ruin a good thing unnecessarily, but that can happen if you falsely accuse someone of not being who they say they are – as not all shy people are up to no good. However, if you’d like to satisfy your concerns and get the peace of mind you need to move forward with an online relationship, we’d recommend talking to a professional private investigator  – as it’s easier and less scary than you might think.

This video link will take you to the Kyle and Jackie O Facebook page where Lipstick Investigations was engaged to get to the bottom of the true identity of a listener worried she was the victim of catfishing.  She sure was!!!

So, if you’d like to find out more about the simple and stress-free way you can get to the bottom of exactly who you’re talking to online, why not come and find out more by visiting us at We have a wealth of experience in the field and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through how everything’s done.


All you need to do is call us on 1300 LIPSTICK or +61 2 9923 2579 from overseas,  and have a chat with one our friendly advisors, who’ll show you how simply and easily you can get the information you need. We thank you for reading to the end and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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