Lipstick Investigations

Company Profile

We specialise in all types of relationship investigations such as infidelity, family law issues, and locating long lost family and loved ones. 25 years in the business makes us Number One.

We are the investigations specialists.

In today’s fast-moving and decadent society, you need to know where your partner is and what they are getting up to. Our surveillance investigations will almost always give you the results you need. Find out once and for all what goes on when you are not around. We specialise in catching out unfaithful partners. Be it your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, we can help get your answers. We have an expert team of surveillance investigators, utilising a multitude of techniques to observe your partner. Of course, we do have to remain within the law and the main way we can get the evidence you need of infidelity is by using surveillance – having them followed to see what they are up to. You will see results. Don’t ask us to bug telephones, or hack computers as these are methods that we will not assist with – our private investigation licence is very important to us and we will not be losing it by carrying out unlawful activity.

Our surveillance operatives are both female and male, of many different nationalities and from all walks of life. They are fully licensed in their state of residence and some we have had for longer than a decade. Now that’s experience!

Other Investigation Services

Of course we provide regular investigation services such as person location (missing persons), background checks, undercover work, family law matters and all other types of Domestic and Corporate Investigations.

Lipstick Investigations has been under the same ownership for over 20 years, and has a reputation second to none. We are here to help. Just Google ‘Lipstick Investigations’ and check out reports from other sites. we have a large media prescence and zero negative feedback (unlike some of our competitors). Make sure you research your choice of investigation firm thoroughly before proceeding.