Lipstick Investigations has long been established as the leading Sydney private investigator; in fact we
are coming up for thirty years. Initially starting as a fledgeling investigation business without an office
in the south-western Sydney suburbs, we discovered our niche and as we grew we then moved into
offices at Milsons Point on the lower north shore. After outgrowing that office we moved to Alfred St
North Sydney then McLaren St. Eventually we settled in 90 Mount St North Sydney for many years.


But eventually progress caught up to us and the entire building was pulled down for redevelopment,
so we had to find another home. So we crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and settled in York St
Sydney where we have been ever since.


Whilst our physical office is located in the Sydney city, we do of course service all of Sydney. Our
Sydney private investigator team is available to you or your business anywhere in the Sydney
metropolitan area with no travel costs at all. So don’t worry about travel charges for a private
investigator just because our office is in town – we won’t charge you anything to carry out a field–
based assignment such as surveillance – we just turn the clock on when we arrive at the starting
point, so within Sydney there are no travel or location charges.


Whilst most of our work is centred around Sydney because it’s our home, we cover work anywhere
in the country. We have private investigators right around Australia and if we don’t have someone in
the area, we can always send an agent or an investigation team to the area of concern. For example,
we also have a Gold Coast office that caters to south-east Queensland and northern New South
Wales. So areas like the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, the Goldie, Tweed and Byron regions are
all within our scope. We have trusted affiliates or regular agents in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and


Our reach is truly national. And international. We also have affiliates in many countries so if you
don’t want to do the research of finding a private investigator in another country, and not knowing if
they are trustworthy, then give us a call and we might be able to look after it for you.


So for any private investigation work required around the Sydney area Lipstick Investigations are the
most experienced and most respected private investigator firm in Sydney. Call us directly on 1300
LIPSTICK or email at any time to and we’ll respond ASAP. We
are here to help.